Jol's Food Co.

Our tasty artisan food is sourced locally and cooked with pride & passion.

Jol's Food Co. are fine dining catering specialists in South Wales for all manner of events from wedding receptions and food festivals to corporate events and special occasions.

About Jol's Food Co.

Find something you're passionate about. Learn and work hard until you get really good at it - then do it in your own way.

That advice ignited a flame in me which has never gone out.

The first bit was easy. I had grown up at my grandmother's table in Merthyr Tydfil enjoying the traditional Welsh dishes she loved to cook for her family.

I loved food and I was fascinated by the alchemy of taking different flavours and textures to create something new - something different, maybe something that had never been tried before.

But I had to learn all the skills of the kitchen first.

I could not have had a better mentor. Stephen Terry of the award-winning Hardwick restaurant in Abergavenny gave me the perfect opportunity. 

I went from kitchen hand to chef, turning out some of the best dishes in Wales.   

Six years have passed and now it's my time to fulfil the last part of my journey - time to do it my way.

Jol's Food Co is the next chapter in my dream. 

I hope you enjoy my food - this is just the beginning.